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Julie Gleason


More Pictures of me

Some questions guttsy men ask or that i was asked by my school newspaper. Hope ya have a few laughs

Due to my lazyness Me is me and Him, shall be the reporter, Enjoy
Him: So Julie i hear ya study Physics and Chem, what do you hope to become?
Me: I am studying as a student teacher at the momment, of a high school chem class.
Him: I see, Do you enjoy the kids
Me: For the most part yes, better then being in school.
Him: I could see that, Mind if i ask personal questions?
Me: Go ahead
Him: *laughs* do you sleep with *giggle* the men you bunk with?
Me *sharp glare*
Him: very well, next question. How big are they?
Me: Do you not value life?
Him: I am asking the questions not you
Me: Fine Fine
Him: so are you a virgin?
Me: *another glare*
Him: ok....not trying to die today, Do you wear thongs?
Me: *sigh* Yes, but not on a daily basis, only when i know i am gonna be losing some clothing.
Him: so you have slept with someone?
Me: Ok, next time you ask a stupid question i hurt you, deal?
Me: Fine fine
Him: What kinda of music do you like?
Me: whatever is pleasing to the ear
Him: i see, any bands you seen in concert recently?
Me: Tool just a few days ago
Him: enjoy the show?
Me: For the most part
Him: Do you think you are cute?
Me: umm...due to i do not check myself out, how would i know?
Him: QUESTIONS!!!!! anyway,  will you strip for me?
Me: such, come by my place later *grin*
Him: SCORE!!! Woulda sleep with me?
Me: *picks up Mr Bashy Bat* Now you die!!!!
Him: Thats all for the day folks....HELP ME!!!

This did air in our school newspaper, The Banner