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Julie Gleason
More Pictures of me

Welcome to the number 1 place to get info on me =), I know its not special and here we go. Disclaimer: Some images or topics are not for some ppl, if you think this means you LEAVE NOW!!! you have been warned, enjoy

Name: Julie Gleason
Age :20
B-day: Sept 23 1981
Marital Status: Single and looking
Living Relitives: Step-mom, 3 brothers
Intrests: Playing Dark Age of Camelot, going clubing, paintballing, playing some counsule games, just hanging warcraft 3 and Broodwars.
Favorite Color: Take a big ol guess...hmm BLACK!!!
Favorite food: gonna have to go with....Mac N Cheese
Favorite Snack food: the NEW milky ways, yuuummmmmyyyy!!
Favorite Counsle game: Devil May Cry, DANTE YOU SEXY MAN YOU!
Favorite online game: DAOC

Here tis your first picture of me? Watcha think? Yes it was prefessionally done.

Ain't i sexy? =)

Enjoy =)