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Julie Gleason


More Pictures of me

Here is some background on my life.

Born in London, England moved to Ames Iowa where my father got a job for the unniveristy here when i was not but one year old. I have 2 olders brothers and 1 younger brother ( 23, 21, and 4). Mother died when i was 6, so my youngest brother is a half brother, but i care not, still love him =).  Not much went on for many yrs, just a normal life. then bout...1 yr ago my father do you tell a 3 yr old his father died. Dunno but i did, so he lives with his mommy and sometimes stays with me. As of now, i live in unniversity housing for ISU (Iowa state unni.) i live with 2 guys and me. thats bout all...not much, ain't that special.

I am not smoking anything......

Kinda bad i know, this what happens when a novice takes pictures with the flash on =) yes that is my real room